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For those with more long term issues, psychotherapy may be a more helpful solution. Similar to counselling, psychotherapy is a more in depth process that can explore such issues as traumatic life experiences, unhelpful patterns of behaviour, repetitive feelings or relationships that may be stopping you from living a more productive, healthy life. Together we can explore your psychological history, help resolve past experiences and make meaningful changes to your life and your understanding of yourself.

Every person is different, so for some a dozen sessions may be enough to help address their concerns. For others, it may be an ongoing process. What’s important to remember is that everyone is different and the length and intensity of sessions varies greatly. You may need counselling every week for a couple of months then change to once a month for a while. You may prefer once a month for the next year, with the odd extra session in between. Together we will find what feels right for you. I will always work flexibly with you.