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Sometimes, life is a struggle. Work, family, commitments, relationships, finances, stress, health, children, they can all take their toll. Often many of us are just trying to get through each day and have little time to think about the person we are or want to be.

Many of us are carrying around painful childhood experiences and even though we think we’ve dealt with them, these unprocessed emotions can be effecting our lives in ways we’re not always conscious of. Ways that can be having a detrimental effect on our relationships, careers, families, friendships but mostly importantly, on our relationship with ourselves.

Many of us spend our lives trying to be who we think we ‘should’ be, someone others or society expects us to be. Sadly, trying to please others can leave us feeling frustrated, stressed, anxious, bitter, angry, even enraged. But more importantly it takes us away from being the person we could be: a unique individual who feels free to be their true self.

As someone who has gone on their own journey of self-discovery through counselling, I believe in the healing power that a trusting, collaborative and invigorating therapeutic relationship can provide. The path is not always easy, it will have its ups and downs but if you choose to take the first step, I will be with you for every step and together we can help you discover a new way of being, one that is reflective, self-aware, confident, loving and most of all, authentic.

So if you’re finding life a struggle, you’re worried about your mental health or you need some help making sense of things, counselling could make an invaluable difference. I am proud to offer counselling for anxiety, counselling for trauma, counselling for teenagers and counselling for women.