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A safe place to talk...

Taking the first step towards healing takes courage. Some of us have been wrestling with issues for some time and it can feel scary to reach out and ask for help. That’s why we offer a safe, confidential space for you to be yourself and talk about anything and everything that’s on your mind. We will go at your pace and work to the goals you set. There’s no judgement in our therapy room, instead, you’ll find an environment that’s warm, kind and respectful.

Finding the right fit

Counselling can be a daunting prospect. And finding the right therapist makes all the difference. Kirrilly is passionate about the healing power of connection. Her friendly and inquisitive nature shines through and from the moment you meet, she will do her best to put you at ease. We believe true healing can only occur when we feel safe, heard and connected and that’s why we put it at the heart of everything we do.

Choosing to heal

When we set out on our healing journey, we’re often searching for inspiration and insight. At The Inspired Mind, we’re passionate about giving our clients the tools to help them heal and grow into empowered individuals. We will accompany you on your journey to understand where you’ve come from and help you discover where you want to go. We believe everyone has the inner resources to live their lives authentically and we want to help you find your true self.

"Kirrilly is such a gentle and caring therapist. I have truly appreciated her skills in helping navigate blocks and help reach outcomes of healing."

A happy client

30 Minute FREE consultation

If you’re thinking about counselling, give us a call on 0481573826 or send us an email at info@theinspiredmind.com.au.  We are always happy to chat to you about where you’re at right now, answer any questions you have and take the time to make sure we’re the right fit. We offer a free 30-minute phone consultation for all new clients. It’s a great way to get to know each other before you make your first booking.